Week 5, Term 4 Homework

Class Craft!!


Class Craft is the reward system we are currently using in our class. Children earn points by doing a variety of tasks in the classroom ( using initiative, completing homework, helping others etc).

The points then work towards the children being able to make their characters have different  strengths and armor. It is a team game. When a team member “falls” in the game, the other members are able to choose to help save them.

The homework question is-

Do you enjoy using Class Craft as a reward system in the class? Why do you think it is more engaging (interesting) than other reward systems you’ve had previously?


Week 3, Term 4 Homework

In the story we are currently reading for modeled reading, what is the problem that the people are being faced with? What is your opinion on what they planning to do??


Make sure you EDIT your writing before posting your comment!!

Week 2, Term 4 Homework

In class we have been learning about Explanations. Explanations are used to help the audience understand how to use an object or understand a diagram.

What is important to include in a explanation? Write your answer in full sentences. Do you find it easy or hard to explain things to others?

I’m looking forward to reading your responses!


Numeracy in the 3/4/5 room is hands on, interactive and engaging. Children explore and use manipulatives to help consolidate their learning. Due to our contemporary classroom furniture we are able to draw on the desks and simply wipe it off. Have a look at some of the learning that has taken place over the week.











Week 1, Term 4 Homework

Part of your homework this week is to watch the above Flocabulary YouTube clip. This song covers the five main elements of a story.


1. Leave a comment listing the 5 elements of a story.

2. You also need to reflect on your narrative writing in class and list one goal for yourself you will be concentrating on this week.

Will it be to include correctly written speech? Add another idea to your conflict? Describe your charcters in more detail? Edit and COPS your draft?

Choose a goal that is achievable this week as will reflect on our writing goals as a class on Monday of Week 8.

I am looking forward to reading your goals!

Mrs Hanretty

Welcome to Term 4!

Welcome to Term 4. We have had a class reshuffle and this is now the blog of the Year 3, 4 and 5 children.

Children will complete one homework activity on the blog weekly as well as using it to show families, both near and far, what we have been learning about in the classroom.

We look forward to you (the parents) posting on our blog. We will definitely reply to you!

Kind regards,

Mrs Hanretty